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If you’re looking for a way to dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile but you don’t want to commit to traditional porcelain veneers, Lumineers may be the perfect solution for you. Lumineers are made of Cerinate® porcelain and designed to mimic the appearance of your natural teeth but better. Ready to schedule your Lumineers consultation and begin your journey towards a perfect smile? Contact our friendly front office team today!

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What are Lumineers used for?

Lumineers are ultra-thin, tooth-colored shells that are customized based on how the patient wants their front teeth to appear in terms of size, shape, color, and uniformity. The Lumineers are then adhered to the front of the teeth where they instantly enhance the appearance of the patient’s smile. Patients who have very discolored, misshapen, or damaged teeth use Lumineers to help certain teeth blend in with the rest. Other patients use Lumineers to make all of their front teeth appear whiter, straighter, and symmetrical.

Can Lumineers be whitened?

Lumineers are not porous like natural teeth, so they cannot absorb teeth whitening products. However, this also helps them resist stains that can develop from drinking dark-colored drinks and smoking. Since Lumineers are custom made, we can help you determine the exact shade of white that you will be happy with. It’s important to also practice great oral hygiene and visit our office for routine cleanings and exams to keep your teeth healthy and your Lumineers looking white and consistent in color.

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What is the difference between traditional veneers and Lumineers?

Traditional veneers require some of the enamel on the front of each tooth to be removed, and once it’s been removed, a veneer or another restoration must be used to protect the tooth from that point forward. Lumineers, on the other hand, require very minimal prep before they are placed, which means that they are not permanent. Lumineers are also thinner and tend to appear a little more natural-looking, whereas traditional veneers may be better for patients who want a bright white, Hollywood smile or have damaged teeth.

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