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Full & Partial Dentures

Looking for a dental office in Prairie Village that provides custom full and partial dentures? Our team at Chaney Dental is passionate about helping patients find the services that will help them achieve optimal oral health and feel great about the appearance of their smiles. If you want a complete smile so you can eat and smile with confidence and ease, contact our office and schedule a consultation with our team today!

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What type of dentures do I need?

Chaney Dental offers two choices for dentures: overdentures and partial dentures.

  • Overdentures are used to replace an entire arch of teeth, which means they can be made to replace all of the top teeth, bottom teeth, or both, and they attach to dental implants.
  • Partial dentures are made to replace a few missing teeth on one arch, and they are secured in place using small metal clasps that attach to nearby teeth.

If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, our team would be happy to assess your smile and make a recommendation.

What are the benefits of implant-retained dentures?

Traditional full dentures rest on top of the gums and can be secured in place using a denture adhesive. Patients are not always completely satisfied with these dentures because they don’t tend to feel as stable as overdentures, and the adhesive can be gritty and difficult to clean every day. When dentures are supported by dental implants, they feel more similar to natural teeth, and patients can enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about their dentures moving. Implants also help to maintain the shape, structure, and overall health of the jawbone.

How should dentures be cared for?

Dentures require special care to keep them looking and feeling great. Full and partial dentures should be brushed every day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and denture cleaner or mild dish soap. They should also be soaked in denture solution every night. Soaking dentures is what helps them maintain their custom shape, and it also kills bacteria and provides the gums with a chance to rest. Dentures are quite stain-resistant, but should you notice your dentures starting to look dull, there are denture whitening products you can use to make them gleam.

closeup of a dentist holding a set of dentures

Are dentures uncomfortable or hard to eat with?

Custom dentures are designed to fit your unique smile, and they are more comfortable to wear than immediate dentures and dentures of the past. However, there is typically an adjustment period when patients first receive their dentures, and they have to practice eating and speaking with them. We recommend that you begin with soft foods that require minimal to no chewing before gradually adding tougher foods that are cut up and chewed with the back teeth. Eventually, you won’t have to think twice about doing anything with your dentures!

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