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Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

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If a tooth or multiple teeth start to hurt, it’s a sign that something is wrong. There are a handful of reasons why your teeth might hurt, including tooth sensitivity, cracked teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, impacted teeth and stress.

  1. Tooth Sensitivity
  2. Your teeth are full of nerves protected by your enamel, the hard exterior of the tooth. If that enamel starts thinning, it can expose the next layer known as dentin, which doesn’t do as good of a job protecting the nerves. Teeth with thinned enamel are especially sensitive to cold or hot foods and liquids.

  3. Cracked Teeth
  4. If you cracked your tooth because you bit down on something hard, fell, or experienced another injury, you’ll feel pain. Sometimes cracks are small, so you aren’t aware of the specific thing that caused them. If you feel pain when you bite or chew, however, it could be because of a small crack. Cracks can also cause sensitivity. A cracked tooth is one of a handful of dental emergencies and requires immediate care.

  5. Tooth Decay
  6. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria eating away at the enamel of your teeth. These holes are cavities, and if you don’t come in to see Dr. Chaney, the decay will get worse. Then, decay can spread into the nerve-rich center of the tooth, known as the pulp, and cause inflammation, horrible pain, and extreme sensitivity. Decay can also lead to an abscess, which occurs when bacteria builds up in the tooth pulp and causes an infection.

  7. Gum Disease
  8. Good oral care is essential for not only the health of your teeth, but also for your gums. If not well-cared for, gums can become inflamed and swollen, causing irritation and pain. Gum disease can be treated with improved oral health habits, but if it isn’t, your tooth roots become more vulnerable to decay and pain.

  9. Impacted Teeth
  10. Impacted teeth are teeth that are stuck beneath the gums and unable to come through. This causes pain, pressure, and jaw soreness. Wisdom teeth are the most common type of teeth to become impacted. If you need a tooth extraction, we can help you at Chaney Dental.

  11. Stress and Teeth-grinding
  12. If you are stressed, you might clench your jaw and grind your teeth. This can happen at night while you’re sleeping, so you’re unaware it’s even happening. Clenching your jaw causes soreness in the muscles. Grinding, which is known as bruxism in the dental world, can wear away your enamel and damage crowns and fillings, leading to increased sensitivity and pain. A custom nightguard is often the solution to this problem.

Do Your Teeth Hurt?

If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity or tooth pain, don’t ignore it! Contact Chaney Dental in Prairie Village today, so we can figure out what is causing the pain and what to do about it. We make your health and comfort a top priority, so if your teeth are hurting, we can help!

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