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Common Dental Mishaps & When to See an Emergency Dentist

A white tooth floats next to a red and white first aid kit to indicate a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can occur when you least expect it. Knowing how to handle a dental accident can help alleviate some of your stress! Let’s take a look at a few common dental mishaps so you’ll know when it’s time to call Chaney Dental, your emergency dentist in Prairie Village, KS.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Have you ever bit into something hard or gotten hit in the mouth and felt your tooth give way under the pressure? Stay calm and assess the damage. If your tooth has experienced a minor chip but is not causing you discomfort, you can likely hold off on notifying your dentist until your routine checkup. However, you should seek emergency attention if your tooth is broken or severely cracked and/or you’re in pain. Timely intervention can prevent infection and further damage.

Sudden Toothache

Tooth sensitivity can occur after teeth whitening, when you are sick, and if you are experiencing gum recession. Over-the-counter pain relievers and brushing with anti-sensitivity toothpaste can help alleviate your discomfort. Schedule an emergency appointment for persistent and/or severe tooth pain, if you are unable to eat or talk, or have extreme oral swelling.

Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth

Losing a permanent tooth necessitates immediate action. Carefully handle your tooth by its crown, avoiding the roots, and gently rinse it off with milk or water. Place the clean tooth back in the socket if possible, or store it in a small container of milk until you can get to the dentist. The sooner you see an emergency dentist, the likelier it is that they can save your tooth!

Emergency Dentist in Prairie Village, KS

Knowing when to seek emergency dental care can make a huge difference in preserving your smile. If you find yourself facing any of these dental mishaps, please call Chaney Dental. Our team will help you determine if an emergency visit is necessary. If so, we’ll begin preparing a treatment room for you right away to efficiently address the situation.

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