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What Can a Dentist Detect During a Checkup?

Smiling blond woman in the dental chair for a dental examination.

Twice yearly dental cleanings and checkups are essential to maintaining good dental health. And while it might seem like most of your appointment involves just getting a cleaning, there is so much more to a dental checkup than most patients realize. Here’s a list of all of the issues that Dr. Chaney can detect during a regular checkup.

    1. Tooth Decay

    First, our team will inspect each of your teeth to spot any signs of tooth decay. Tooth decay typically begins as a cavity, which appears as a small black or brown hole on the tooth. Cavities can be undetectable to the naked eye, which is why it’s important to go to a dentist to have them checked out. Once tooth decay spreads throughout the tooth, you may have to get root canal therapy to help save the healthy tissue of the tooth. If decay is too advanced, you are at risk of losing the tooth altogether.

    2. Oral Cancer

    Oral cancer claims the life of one person every hour of every day. If you smoke, have a history of poor oral health, consume high amounts of alcohol, or have a family history of oral cancer your chances of developing oral cancer may be increased. During a dental examination, Dr.Chaney will perform an oral cancer screening by inspecting your cheeks, gums, and tongue and examining your neck and lymph nodes. From there, we can order additional testing if needed.

    3. Gum Disease

    Gum disease is a progressive ailment that affects millions of Americans every year. Whether caused by diet, genetics, medication, or oral hygiene habits, the outcome is the same. Gum disease begins when bacteria collects under the gumline, separating the gums from the teeth. Dr. Chaney will perform a thorough examination of your gums during your checkup and can recommend special services to help keep them healthy if you do show signs of gum disease.

    4. Cosmetic and Restorative Issues

    If you have stained, crooked, damaged or missing teeth, we can recommend cosmetic and restorative treatments. These not only will correct the look and feel of your smile, but can also promote both good oral health and increased confidence.

Comprehensive Dentistry in Prairie Village, KS

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