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Root Canal Myths

Graphic showing the stages of a root canal.

Root canals are an important and common treatment in a dentist’s toolkit. Unfortunately, they also happen to be shrouded in myth. Root canal therapy might very well be the most misunderstood dental treatment out there! For whatever reason, a lot of folks have misperceptions about getting a root canal. Not only does that mean people have the wrong information, but that wrong information can stop some people from getting the proper dental care they need! Chaney Dental wants to tackle the most common root canal myths we’ve heard and give you the truth. We hope this information helps you make smart, confident decisions about your oral healthcare!

Myth: Getting a Root Canal Will Hurt

We’ve encountered so many people who are afraid to get a root canal because they think it’s going to be really painful. This is false! A dental infection is what can cause you pain, and root canal therapy is the remedy to that infection and pain. Not only that, but modern root canals are performed with the proper anesthetic so that the area is numbed before being treated.

Myth: I Only Need a Root Canal if I Feel Pain

While dental pain may be a common symptom of an infection, it’s not universal. There are some cases where a patient doesn’t feel any pain from their seriously damaged or infected tooth. The only way to know for sure if you need a root canal is to consult a dentist you trust. They can assess the situation through a dental exam and X-rays if necessary.

Myth: A Root Canal Isn’t Actually Necessary

This is a dangerous myth to believe! The fact is that if you don’t get a root canal when you really need one, things can get much worse. You run the risk of the infection spreading to the point that it’ll be necessary to remove the whole tooth in order to protect not just your dental health but your overall health too.

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Prairie Village

If there’s something you’ve heard about root canals and you’re not sure whether it is true or not, contact us at Chaney Dental. Our experienced team is happy to give you the answers you need. And if you need a root canal, we provide root canal therapy at our dental practice in Prairie Village. We offer a wide range of treatments to help you and your family maintain optimal oral health. Call or email us today to set up your appointment!

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