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How do CEREC Crowns Work?

Artistic rendering of the CEREC 3D imaging crown making machine

Curious about the latest in dental technology? Today on the blog, we’re talking about state-of-the-art CEREC® crowns. Read on to learn more!

How Do CEREC Crowns Work?

CEREC machines offer some of the latest and greatest in dental technology and benefit any patients needing a crown. The process starts with 3D imaging. Images are captured by the machine and are then used to create a custom model for the crown that’ll cap your tooth. The CEREC mill takes that model and creates the real thing in just 10-20 minutes. Once the crown is ready, the restoration will be permanently bonded to the tooth, and you’ll be all set in just one visit.

Why CEREC Makes a Difference

Before the CEREC machine, receiving a crown would require multiple visits. That’s because the information would be sent offsite to a lab where the crown would be produced. That added step would take weeks. Now, you can get a start-to-finish crown in just one quick visit. Another benefit? Digital images reduce waste, making the whole process cleaner, quicker, and more efficient.

Who Needs a Crown?

Wondering if a dental crown is in your future? Crowns are essentially just a cap used to protect the tooth beneath. But, they are custom made to achieve the look and feel of your natural teeth. They can be used to address a variety of different issues, including to protect a weak tooth, restore a broken or chipped tooth, support a large filling, keep a dental bridge in place, address misshapen or discolored teeth, and more.

Restorative Dentistry at Chaney Dental

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