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Foods You Should Avoid After a Crown Restoration

Photo of chewy white nougat and nuts in shells
Image by Marcin Kaczmarczyk from Pixabay

A dental crown is a common, versatile treatment that can restore not only how a tooth looks but also how it functions. As with any medical procedure, there are some steps you should take and things you should keep in mind post-treatment to ensure that you keep your dental crown in place and intact. After all, you want your brand new dental crown to last you as long as possible! Here are some foods that you should steer clear from if you’ve just received a crown. These are also foods you should continue to be careful with even if it has been some time since you’ve received your dental crown.

Hard Foods

Foods like nuts, raw carrots, hard candies (like jawbreakers and lollipops), granola, and even hard bread all have the potential to break your dental crown. If you’re going to eat hard snacks, at least try to chew on the side of your mouth that doesn’t have a dental crown. Right after you get a dental crown, it’s important to avoid these hard foods, but as we mentioned previously, you should be careful with them even after your crown has properly bonded into place. Even a completely natural tooth could be chipped or broken from a bite gone wrong!

Sticky Foods

When we say sticky foods, we’re talking about things like caramel and taffy. Aside from these two types of candies being high in sugar, their strong, sticky texture may have the power to dislodge your dental crown. We recommend looking for healthier alternatives to these sticky, sugar-rich snacks no matter how long it has been since you received your dental crown.

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